• Jessica (29)

    Astra is amazing! I have continued to use her services when I need additional guidance. She responds promptly to every inquiry and everything she has advised on thus far has followed according to what I was told. Talking to Astra is like talking to friend with details as to how to approach certain situations. Thank you for your exceptional service and delivery. I will continue to recommend you to friends and family.

  • Elif (23)

    Just got my natal birth chart reading and...WOW. The report was so accurate and thorough and she explained everything along the way! She even answered several of my follow-up questions with the same care and took time to clarify everything.
    Absolutely worth it.

  • Chloe (19)

    Astra is a beautiful and gifted soul. She puts so much love and care into her readings. It truly resonated with a lot that i've been thinking about lately ... I'm stunned

  • Nabiha (24)

    Okay WOW. I really needed to hear this. It's crazy how much that resonated it gave soo much clarity with everything I have had going on it felt so good to have some guidance and an outside perspective! ALSO IM OBSESSED WITH YOUR ENERGY :)
    Thank you so much! Definitely not the last reading for me.

  • Sachi (26)

    Recently had my first ever reading with Astra regarding my career and honestly I'm so glad I chose her for this it couldn't have resonated more. It really gave me the push and reassurance I was looking for now I know what I have to do. Highly recommend!!

  • Ben (36)

    I was majorly stressing about launching my new product after investing so much time and money. A friend recommended Astramyst, so I decided to try their 2 Question Reading. The astrologer gave me spot-on guidance about the best time to launch based on upcoming astro events. I followed their advice and we absolutely crushed our sales targets! I couldn't believe how accurate it was. I'll be reaching back out to Astramyst, their insights are a game-changer.

  • Denis (27)

    I am new to astrology and this was my first ever reading. After a few friends raved about their experiences with astrologers, I decided to book one with Astramyst out of curiosity. My mind was completely blown by the spot-on details the astrologer shared about me - my core personality, life purpose, strengths, and challenges were like neon signs I'd been blind to. I gained profound new self-awareness into why certain patterns kept repeating in my life.

  • Olivia (31)

    Super-fast delivery! Despite the website stating an expected delivery time of 3-4 days, I received my order within 24 hours. The suggested remedies have really helped. Quick response to my follow-up question too. Excellent service!

  • Kem (24)

    Great value for money. My report was very detailed and offered much needed clarity and confirmation. It def helped me feel validated and reassured that I'm on the right track

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